Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Right now, the architects of global-neoliberalism have (quite efficaciously) weaponized culture and ideology (their last exports) in an effort to perpetuate their self cannibalizing interests. Late-capitalism, pumped with embalming fluid has eaten the priestly caste of old and injected its putrid essence into every fiber of society. The virus is spreading through the mainframe. Soon, the very idea of what it means to be human (collectively and individually) will be consumed by the body horror of "the system." The infamous Doomer meme and the cruel ironicism of post-modernity (as well as its originators, Derrida and the like) are not the disease, merely rogue anti-bodies. I like it all of course. Its morbid take on the state of things. Its rejection of traditional values. Its masturbatory linguistic trickery. Its memes... good God the memes... but what it has in theory and entertainment value, it lacks in solutions. How do we remedy this loss of meaning? More importantly, how do the "normies?" Most average Joe's are bought and sold by the parasitic corporate class described earlier. So steeped in the Sklavenmoral (slave morality/slavery) of the herd that they may as well be commodities themselves (my Nietzschean fangs rearing). Content to eat and fuck and buy and sell until the looming extinction comes crashing down.

Tribalism is natural. People will divide themselves among racial , cultural and idological lines however misguided of an effort it may be. But tribalism reflected in the state? Not so much... Its led to nothing but frivolous wars and the other assorted ego projects of sociopaths.  I firmly believe that streamlining the state through the implementation of a UBI, a strictly regulated (* regulated does not imply exclusive government control. Market forces, citizen boards and direct action initiatives like boycotting are effective regulatory powers once state privilege is stripped from economic activity) tech/industry sector, true meritocracy and free market solutions to social/environmental problems, measures towards a sane, sustainable public policy can remain free from extraneous government regulation and allow people the autonomy to organize at a local level. What we would have is a sort of "post-nationalism." Where the state apparatus provides the substrate for a mycelia of varying groups to pursue their own interests. True freedom of association. Each man chooses his lot in life knowing that he is truly secure in doing so. It may not be the warmth of hearth and home of bygone times but it will provide the same sense of comfort in a very tangible way. Will this be a cure for nihilism? No, (a question that must be raised is the sustainability of said technologies, cultural and otherwise), but it will afford everyone a very high amount of social freedom under the umbrella of a small, stable state

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