Friday, September 14, 2018


Microbiota, older and wiser than we are outnumber our somatic cells 10:1 watching from their migratory paths as the meat they travel through learns how to imitate reality. Conforming to cold laws of time and motion of God and government. Ambitions increase as the game of chess within our blood unwinds. Civilizations within a simulacrum built on the rot of its billions of predecessors. All is calm and still in the wake of self digestion (the most meaningful act of violence we'll endure) a shamanic catalyst for an afterlife torn from the pages of books we've written relished with the scent of coffee and cigarettes a world we can only dream of... I wonder how many of them have names? Can microbes dream of love and yearn for peace? Is there a spot in heaven for all the L-form bacteria that crawl through life with us? ... I wonder what they think of the mess we've made. 

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