Friday, June 10, 2016

Drunken Penance suit 3 Opus 18

I saw God today
Standing outside of some dive bar off of Interstate 10010110 (a binary system of cracked roads)
His eyes yellowed by a PTSD ridden liver (akin to a crumbling sand castle. A boy on the beach in the sun's warm idealism meets the edge of glass-shard encrusted waves... The waves that drown and pull and lose things a sea).
Flesh colored bits on the human substrate, slough off revealing an 80's body-horror show... Anyway, God watched me with his smokers breath and yellow eyes. Watching me watch him in the cold front of an alcoholic's daydream
"You lousy fuckin drunk!" Shouts a not so new voice. As hollow as the bottle shackled to my hand.
"That's only part true," I answered.
"The drink is a fickle thing. I'm just an..." (Pausing to burp)
"Unlucky person. I'm just caught up in it all... I'm just an unlucky person..."
God stared back at me. He stared through the voices in my head and the whiskey coated colors hanging over my aura (new age bullshit notwithstanding). His cigarette hollowing out like a corpse in the ground. Ashes forming and decaying.
I looked away.

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